Since August 2013, there is a cheese factory on the farm, which produces artisan cheese using only the milk from our own Holstein cows.

caseificio 2

We produce traditional cheese varieties such as Crescenza, Primo Sale, Ricotta, Caciotta and Mucchino, but we also produce Mozzarella, Yogurt with different flavours. Thanks to the glass windows, visitors may observe the different phases of the production of cheese and mozzarella.

There is a variety of soft cheeses in our farm’s shop (Stracchino Lombardo, Guzza, Schiacciatina and Biancaneve), as well as aged cheeses (Nostrano, Toma del Santuario, Guzzafame, Stracchino Crudo , Torrazzo and Grana Padano). All these varieties are made with traditional recipes of our geographical area.

All aged cheeses mature in a family run cheese factory in Crema which regularly works our milk.


Contacts Farm Shop and Cheese Factory
Federica Rosa Tel. 335 5687953