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The gourmet “Ada e Augusto” is located inside of the majestic landlord’s house, which once was the Monti family’s home. The kind of cuisine is born from the purpose of developing, through creative interpretations, typical food our region into modern and innovative receipts. The result is an original kind of cooking where the quality of first matters used expresses itself in armonious combinations of flavours and scentes.

The basic ingredients are produced mostly in our farm: meat of our cows, vegetables from our organic garden, cheese produced with our milk, eggs and chicken from our hen-house and honey from our bees.





The restaurant’s philosophy is to exploit local food assuring naturalness and guaranteeing each product’s quality. Our Chef is Iwai Takeshi, who has settled in our farm after having worked many years in renowned and prizewinning restaurants all over our country, aims to offer our guests original and exclusive recipes of his own creation. This results in two different menus which allow each guest to be taken along a culinary journey, without neglecting those who prefer a vegetarian or vegan alternative. Each course is matched by an accurately selected choice of wine.


Ada & Augusto has three main rooms, each one characterized by classic and refined furniture: two dining rooms, one ample and another more intimate, and a sitting room to welcome our guests, ideal place to sip some liquor on the sofa. Brick walls and an authentic old fireplace create a pleasant and relaxed environment.


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The Director Francesca Monti and Chef Takashi Iwai

Contacts Ada e Augusto
Francesca Monti

Mariagiulia Magario

Tel. 389/4543109
For any information about our menu or our restaurant:
chef@cascinaguzzafame.it (Takeshi Iwai)

Open Wednesday through Sunday from 20:00 to 10:00 p.m.
booking is recommended