Two hectars, immersed in rice and corn fields, where our young farmer Marco cultivate organic fruits and vegetables.

The vegetable garden includes open fields areas and protected coltures in greenhouse tunnels. The organic way of plantation is inspired by the idea that respect and protect the ground and all the several organisms which live in it is too important; for these reason our products are healthy, full of nutritional substances and of excellent organoleptic qualities.

We don't use any chemical products, according to the Organic Colture rules, as fertilizers, incecticides, fungicides and herbicides.

Our vegetable garden is controlled and analysed regularly by an indipendent organisme, which gave us the Organic Certification but which is called to supervise our products and our parameteres.


We believe in it, for our and our clients wellness.


Contatti Orto
Marco Traversi
Cell. 3395067585